What You Need to Know About Ormusol

Ormusol is all-natural, contains no chemicals and is safe to use. ORMUS Gold, M-state, and ORMEs are all the elements in Ormusol. ORMEs was discovered by David Hudson in the late 1970's. He found that certain waters contain large amounts of precious metals, particularly alkaline heavy metals such as gold and silver. 

ORMEs: Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements

ORMUS: After additional research, it was found that some of the metals can also exist in a diatomic state. 

M-State Elements

ORMUS is also referred to as the M-state. M-state elements have been observed to exhibit superconductivity, superfluidity, Josephson Tunneling, magnetic energy, and Bio-photons. M-state elements are believed to have the ability to transfer energy to cells, which are either injured or diseased. 

Cells that are neither injured nor diseased do not have the ability to absorb outside energy and solely rely on their internal "furnace" (Krebs cycle). This is believed to be the same principle that has been documented with the use of low-level laser/phototherapy. Absorption of energy by these injured cells enhances their activity, thus restoring normal cellular function. This means instant pain relief from symptoms that the injured/diseased cells caused.

About the Ormusol Salve

The water in Ormusol contains these M-state elements that have been processed through a series of magnetic fields, thus increasing the energy of these metals. In effect, each atom of heavy metals becomes a supercharged magnet. 

The atoms which absorbed the energy have undergone a structural change: principally their electron fields have been elongated. This elongation of the electron fields causes an unstable form of heavy metal. This new atomic structure is trying to return to its normal configuration and tries to release its increased energy and return its electrons to their normal orbits. In any magnet, the energy held in the magnet is transferred over time until the magnet becomes neutralized. 

By using olive oil, the energy held in the heavy metals cannot escape into the environment and can only release its energy in the tissue, which is in direct contact with the water. The olive oil acts as an insulator, preventing the energy from escaping. In effect, the water now holds millions of tiny magnets, which release their energy into the needed tissues. The beeswax acts as a coupling agent that holds the olive oil and water together.