Frequently Asked Questions About Ormusol


How does this product aid athletes and others in stressful situations?

We believe the reports from users of our products that by applying the Ormusol salve before and after events reduces stress, trauma, and soreness in stiff muscles, tendons, and joints. It does this by permeating the epidermis of the skin and stimulating the mitochondria of cells known as the heat engine called the "Krebs Cycle."

What kind of athletes use this product?

It is used by runners, weight lifters, ballplayers, cyclists, and those doing repetitive motions in exercises of all types that push their abilities to the edge. It allows them to perform beyond their normal limits.

Are there any known side effects from the topical use of this product?

There are no known side effects for the liberal use of the product other than it should not be used on a person's back that has had titanium rods installed because of the product's magnetic properties being too close to nerve bundles.

DISCLAIMER: This information is not to be used as medical advice but is meant to educate the user on the broad benefits we believe exist from the consistent use of the product. If you have a serious medical problem you should consult a medical practitioner.