Ormusol Testimonials

Testimonials by the following consumers of our products are unsolicited and not compensated for other than given the product for their assessment and feedback.

The testimony of witnesses in the healing arts are every bit as important to others as is the testimony of a witness in a court of law.  They are offered as knowledge to educate consumers to make intelligent decisions and results may vary.

Ormusol is an all-natural product without any known side effects other than it should not be used on a patient's back where metal rods are implanted near nerve bundles because of Ormusol's magnetic properties.



“After falling on my face on concrete in a running accident, I applied the Ormusol ointment right away. Pain completely gone within 30 minutes. Within 1 week of applying Ormusol twice daily, my bruising and scabs had completely healed.” 



“I had lip surgery for a sarcoma/sun/cancer and the wound was quite deep with two layers of stitches, my lip was enormous, painful and throbbing. My girlfriend gave me a sample of the Ormusol ointment and I felt a nice sensation so I loaded up. The swelling improved immediately that next morning and the stitches were softer and less painful. I gave the Ormusol credit, it is God-sent.” 



“At the local Vet Hospital, one of the girls at work has a little dog with a bad skin issue that would not heal with antibiotics, steroids, etc. After 24 hours of using Ormusol it started healing. The doctors curiously watching. Another girl asked for a sample to try on her toenail fungus.” 



“The Ormusol salve seems quite effective. Rose has been using it on her hand and the ache is gone. She also had a chronic lower back muscle tightness which, with one Ormusol application, has completely subsided.” 



“Leo, my boxer dog, had a severe problem for over five years with his nose. It stays cracked, swells up, splits and sometimes a piece will tear. You gave my a free sample of the Ormusol ointment that I put on Leo's nose and the next day there was a dramatic improvement. Two days later it was completely healed for the first time in five years. I had spent thousands of dollars on Dr's, tests, supplements, nutritional and with no diagnosis or results.”